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Our Company


Dedicated to the upkeep of your property

ÖFM, a fully-owned subsidiary of ÖRAG Österreichischen Realitäten AG, has been in charge of all the Group's facility management services since 2007. 

Close cooperation

Our cooperation with the various businesses of the ÖRAG Group is based on a relationship of trust.  Our clients enjoy the benefits of having a one-stop shop for all property-related services.

Know-how and experience

The ÖFM team has grown continuously over the past few years. All our staff are fully qualified and have wide-ranging practical experience. We support this know-how with ongoing further training for all our employees, from customer service staff to technical personnel.

There where you need us

Facility management of large properties entails special requirements. To ensure both optimum routine maintenance and swift troubleshooting, some of our teams maintain an on-site office on our clients' premises. Please read on for further information.

Österreichische Facility Management Gesellschaft mbH
Herrengasse 17, 1010 Vienna
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